Ezi-Methods - Repair Methods for Bodyshops and Vehicle Repairers
It's the logical choice for the forward thinking repairer

The Logical Choice

We provide you with the exact data you need to undertake safe, standards compliant repairs. We provide the information in the format you want it, and we make it easy to access. All backed up by our world class technical helpdesk team.

The Benefits


    Ezi-Methods is simple to use - there is no training required to use our fast and reliable online application. Just log in above, then select the Make of Vehicle, the relevant Model and Body Style, and simply click to download whichever repair methods you need.


    Ezi-Methods is for the forward thinking repairer - we are BS 10125 Compliant. What's more, users can track their method download history to demonstrate compliance if required. We are fully mobile and tablet compatible – if you allow it, techs can read methods on their own devices, meaning no need to print out reams of paper for every job.


    Ezi-Methods is reliable - always there when you need it, operated and owned by qualified engineers, and backed by our highly rated help desk.

Why Ezi-Methods

Over 3 million methods provided to satisfied customers around the world

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We cover every major manufacturer and cross link between models where common platforms are in place. In the rare situations that we don't have something immediately available for download, our helpdesk will have it ready for you within 24 hours.

Occasionally, vehicle manufacturers do not release enough information for a fully documented repair method to be produced, and when this happens, it can be extremely difficult for the repairer. Our customers simply hand that problem over to us. In these cases, we can provide an expert judgement on what is known about the vehicle including all the evidence that is available, which allows the bodyshop to carry out a standards compliant repair that is as safe as it possibly can be.


Ezi-Methods is available for under £100 a month per site making it a fraction of the cost of competing platforms.

  • Unlimited usage
  • Unlimited users
  • Helpdesk service included
  • No training required

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